A Foolish Fae

by Stranger Ways

Listen to it: Iron & Rust

Oh a foolish fae went wandering into the land of beasts
Where magic isn’t dead, but is the food that monsters eat
Run away you foolish fae before the human sucks you dry,
Eats your magic, leaves you far from home, alone to die

Fear is like a banshee scream, rusalka kiss, a waking dream
Flying through the woods to flee my newfound monster friend

We danced and laughed and bandied words, he seemed a kindred soul
But now I see the game was me, a clever, hidden goal

Oh, she warned me she warned me that I was a fool
To venture outside of the realm faeries rule
For I am no hunter of monsters and so
I’d make easy prey for a fearsome new foe
But I did not believe the tales of what they’d done to us

The human seemed to understand the hidden courts of fae
He spoke of leaving home, of discontentment and dismay
Who knows what lies in the hearts of things that on magic’s arts do feed?
But as I run, I realize... he thought I wasn’t me

And underneath that willow tree he seemed surprised as I
But I hadn’t time to wonder, and for refuge I did fly

So now I fly through a strange, dark wood, alone without a map-- OOF!

And you were so distracted that you ran into our trap
Oh she warned you she warned you that you were a fool
To venture inside of the realm humans rule
For we’ve become hunters of monsters like you
You’ll fight in our ring and we’ll see how you do
For what your kind has done to us you’ll get what you deserve