Brownie Brownies

by Stranger Ways

Listen to it: Iron & Rust
Watch it: Fractal House concert

If you wanna taste some magic
If you wanna feel the rainbow
Then kids I've got the ticket
To take you where you wanna go

LSD you say, that’s so yesterday
This robs heroin of its kick
There's only one way to make the cool kids sway
And that's a little baking trick

Put some brownies in your brownies
They're like chocolate mixed with hope
Put some brownies in your brownies
See? It just got easier to cope

First you'll feel a sparkle, then a kind of smoke
It smells like terror, feels like color and makes you want to choke
But then the veil will part, and you will see with brand new eyes
You’ll hear the stones and the trees discuss the birds and the bees, and greet each butterfly

And when you start to come down, it’s like waking from a dream
but I’ve got good news, you don’t have to lose, ‘cause you’re on the winning team
The fae are like a plague, but that’s no reason to dismay
We’ll make the most of it, save some lemons, and use them for lemonade

So put some selkie in your smoothie
Put some banshee in your blow
It’s got faerie it’s got dairy
It will make your insides glow

Bake ‘em in the oven, alone or by the dozen
It’s not wrong, because they can’t feel pain
Now grind them into flakes, that’s really all it takes
And sprinkle plenty on your coffee and your cakes

Remember, they’d do the same to you
Do the same to you

So put some boggan in your noggin
Put some dryad in your drink
Then just sit back and relax, and you
Won’t even have to think