Burn Down the Faery Ring

by Stranger Ways

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Once there was a time for laughter
Once there was a time for play
But there must come a time when we must draw the line
Because that time is over today

Once there was a time for faeries
And magic, and wonder, and lore
But we must take a stand to defend human land
Because now it is the time for war

I have come to raise the alarm
We must stand, hold the line, take up arms
We shall not yield to our enemy
We are strong, we are proud, we are free

So god damn all sprites, elves and faeries
And god damn the songs that they sing
We’ll pillage their homes and we’ll smash their queen’s throne
And we’ll burn down the faery ring

The world once was young and all faeries were one
We fae and our magic were free
But you beast-men instead, clumsy and overbred,
Have taken the world from me

Lurking in every dark alley
Waiting, we’ve always been here
Complacent no more, here to settle the score
We are your deepest fear

Come, my friends! Let us stand as one
The dawn of the fae has begun
The world’s ablaze, by our magic, rise
On this night, by the sword mankind dies

Ready for battle, my legions
Take back the world for the fae
Together we’ll fight, we will triumph this night
We’ll right the world gone astray

Join me in glorious battle
Together we will make them pay
We'll take none alive and our people will thrive
They’ll not live to rue the day

You know our cause is righteous
You know our faith is true
We must now stop their lot; kill them all; let them rot
They'd do no less to you

Curse the fae! They will steal your kin
In return they will burn for their sin
Curse all men! They’re our world’s decline
Prove your worth and the earth shall be thine

March through the rift on my order
My friends, we are destined to win
Our triumph draws near; we will teach them to fear
Let their destruction begin
Our triumph draws near; we will teach them to fear
Let their destruction begin