Cold Atlantic Shore

by Susan Weiner

Listen to it: Strangers at the Gate, August 2010 Demo
Watch it: Arisia 2011, Susan’s Going-Away Party

        | Em   D   | Em       | C       | Em       |
        | C        | Em       | A       | B7       |
        | Em   D   | Em       | C       | Em       |
                              +-VERSE A-------------
        | C        | Em       | A       | Em       |
                              +-VERSE B------------------------
                              | A       | B7       | B7       |

        | Em   D   | Em       | C       | Em       |
        | C        | Em       | A       | B7       |
        | Em   D   | Em       | C       |(6/4) D   Em   D    |
  (4/4) | Em       | Em   D   | Em      |

Intro – chorus chords, very slow
No tears, no tears my love
No tears should you shed for me
No tears, no tears my love
When my body rises from the sea

The first time that I met you, your hair framed your face
Like the halo of an angel in that dreary hell of a place
And when our eyes first met, you stole away my heart
The day you said you would be mine, I swore nothing would tear us apart

No tears, no tears my love, no tears should you shed for me
No tears no tears my love when my body rises from the sea
No tears, no tears my love for you were the one who left me

I knew that you were leaving half a year from when we met
I told you I would take every moment I could get
I said that if you’d let me I would follow in your ways
When you told me yes, I didn’t touch the ground for days

The months we spent together were like heaven come to earth
There was more comfort in your arms than I had known since birth
I dreaded the day you’d leave the time I’d spend alone
But I knew that in the end I’d have you for my own


With every letter that you sent you told me how you longed
To have me there beside you but I know now they were wrong
Every time I saw you there was distance in your eyes
And the reasons that you gave to me were excuses and lies

Instrumental break


In the end I pried it out three weeks from when I came
You told me I had lost your heart things would not be the same
You swore that you loved me still, but said that we must part
Well darling if you loved me, you would leave me with my heart

So I make you no promises of what I plan to do
As long as you have my heart I never will leave you
This creaky dock is writhing from the cold Atlantic Shore
And if you’ve heard this song, I’m not sitting here* no more


* On Strangers at the Gate, this lyric is mis-sung as "there." Thanks to Mark Mandel for the correction.