by Stranger Ways

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Oh, a merry fae went wandering to see what lay outside,
And I know to be true because that merry fae was I
They say that magic’s dead beyond the hedge’s hidden walls
But I think that wonder doesn’t die, it hides when shadows fall
And wondrous are the places deep and hidden I will find
For I’m sure I’ve but to listen and the earth will hum in kind

They‘ve tried to tell me do not go, for badly I will fare,
They may be right, I’ve heard about the men that rule out there
They say they're taking those who stray much farther than is smart
They’re vile, voracious, vicious things with iron in their hearts
Oh, these tales are so exciting! Did they think I’d be afraid?
...well maybe just a little, but I won’t be scared away.

I've always wanderlusted; I will take charge of my fate
For not much worth is safety when you’re stuck behind a gate
And so I went a-wandering, to see what lay outside,
And I sang with crickets and starlings, even made the old willow sigh
Oh, this world is just as wondrous as I knew that it could be;
So many creatures big and small to greet, befriend, to see…

I’m glad I went a-wandering and meandered down the path
That rambles through these woods without a sign of iron wrath
Perhaps I will find dangers still within the realm of men
But I can’t seem to believe that; all this world's a peaceful glen
But lo, what's this I merry see? A figure further down
Infused with magic just like me; this must be kin I've found!
What joy to have found suddenly a fellow fae as free as me!
The tales we’ll tell of how we’ve fared will become history!