Happily Ever After

by Nat Budin and Susan Weiner, with arrangement inspiration from Marnen Laibow-Koser

Listen to it: Strangers at the Gate
Watch it: Arisia 2011, Susan’s Going Away Party, End of Summer 2010

Guitar chords

Am9 = 005500
Am7 = 002010
E9sus4 = 004430
Esus4(add9) = 004400
G6 = XX0453

 |  Am9   E9sus4  |      %      |      %       | Dm    G     |
 |  Am9   E9sus4  |      %      | Dm    G      | Am7         |
 |  C             | G           | Am9   E9sus4 | Dm    G     |
 |  Am9   E9sus4  |      %      | Dm    G      | Am7         | 

 |  C             | G           | Am           | Em          |
 |  C             | G           | Am     G     | Am9         | 

 | A9 Esus4(add9) |     %       |      %       | Dm    G6    |
 | A9 Esus4(add9) |     %       | Dm     G     | Am7         |

I knew my prince would come someday
The one who would carry me far away
Away from the dreary everyday
Happily ever after
My prince found me at the junior dance
Tuxedo jacket and denim pants
I saw the future in his glance
Happily ever after

Love is a fairy tale
Shining armor, dragon scale
Leave behind a breadcrumb trail
to happily ever after

He drove me home in his charger white
The perfect end to the perfect night
Rest in his arms till morning light
Happily ever after
He said “Won’t you come away with me
I know a place where we’ll be free
Away from your broken family
to Happily ever after

Love is a fairy tale
Searching for a golden grail
A sacred quest that’s doomed to fail
Happily ever after


So away to find a priest
And once the revelry has ceased
Every beauty must find her beast
Happily ever after

We sat down to eat one dreadful night
I dropped the wine, we had a fight
A beast has claws and teeth that bite
A dungeon in every castle
My chains are made of one gold ring
Still for him I’d do anything
He may be a beast but he’s my king
Happily ever after

Love is a fairy tale
Living in the sweetest jail
Trapped behind thorns, growing pale
Happily ever after