In the Faery Court

by Stranger Ways

Listen to it: Iron & Rust

Why’s she asking me to guard this one?
Can’t we throw him through the Rift?
I’ve been through quite enough today
Without a dungeon shift

Never thought I would find you again
But you made it out, I see
Oh, now my luck has finally turned
You’ve got to set me free

Hey, I know you! (Stop!)
I can show you
How to sneak away--
You’ll have to wait, but I can…

No, you tell me - what? What's the plan?

Did you miss the things your monarch said?
I’m not sneaking back to home!
Her rants are long and I bore easily
That’s why I tend to roam

Let me tell you what she told me, then
She’s preparing for a war
She wants to take things back to how
She claims they were before

Do you agree?
Would you kill me
If she told you to?
Your ruler plans to kill us all

All her power here is absolute
Even when she dooms us all
I do not want to wage a war
But we live in her thrall

I cannot control her actions, Tom
Nor can I delay her hand
You bid me rise against my Queen
But you don’t have a plan

So that’s it, then?
Is it written?
We’re all gonna die?
There has to be some other way

Think what her battle will mean
You will all take casualties too
There are more of us than her and we can stop her if we try

Says the man whose whole experience
Of the faerie court involves
Getting locked inside a cage
And not much else at all

Look, if we are to make a difference here
We should start with something small
Let me out of this prison cell
And then we’ll show them all

On your feet, then
Have to beat them
There’s no time to lose
Okay, so what’s the plan?
I have one thought...
[spoken] But we should probably talk about it on the way.