Kicked Out

by Stranger Ways

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“Hey now get your hands off me!” / “What is this supposed to be?”
“Stop! You’re hurting me”
“Hey now, where you taking me?” and then I begin to see
Oh, please no not this

There’s a Rift not far from here, what they intend is crystal clear
I’m dead to them now. Might as well
Toss me into faerieland, let me suffer at their hands
And laugh all the while

I’ll be kicked out of my home, left here all alone
I’m thrown by my fortune to places unknown
I’m shunned by my race, kicked out on my face
They left me to die in disgrace

Will my mother shed a tear if I don’t get out of here?
Please don’t forget me
How could they have been so cruel; how could I be such a fool
Why did I set them free?

Spent my life believing they were nothing but deceiving fae
We just paid them in kind, but when she
Found out what I really was, terrified of me because
Oh! I’ve been so blind

And just what did I think my new friend would infer
When she found I'd consumed other folks just like her?
She ran and was caught, and I couldn’t stand by
But now for my troubles am I gonna die?

Well, they started it first, yes they started this fight
So why should they care if I tried to do right?
I’ve heard all the tales, what they’ve done to good men
So why do I feel like I’d do it again?

I’m kicked out of my home, to the fae realm, alone
To follow my conscience to places unknown
She ran away; should I do the same?
If I try to talk then will I get the blame for it all?