Leaving Home

by Susan Weiner

Watch it: Susan’s Going-Away Party

Guitar chords 
| G | Em | Am | D | | G | Em | Am | D | | G | Em | C | C | | G | D | G C | G D | Final chorus, alternate last line for repeat: | G | D | Em | C | | G  | D | G |

I don’t want to leave you, I just wanna stay
You are my life but my work is calling me away
But always remember, wherever I roam
Wherever you are, wherever I find you, there’s my home

I go to a party and I see you there
Intelligent eyes, interesting talk, beautiful hair
Can we make some music or talk for awhile?
Show me love me, show me I’m home, show me a smile


You are my GM team, you are my band
When I make bad jokes, when I tell my stories, you understand
My chosen family, the ones I hold dear
Wherever I go, wherever I wind up, my heart is here

Chorus (repeat last line 2x)