Nothing Good Can Last

by Stranger Ways

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I took a walk down by the stream today
I sat alone and let time just slip away
There was a path here winding through the wood
I used to play there, but now it’s gone for good

I met a stranger there who looked like me
But then he showed me how cruel the world could be
My friend is gone now, but the Rift is too
I wonder is this really what he had to do?

But now I know that it’s part of our nature
Doesn’t matter how we try
I know that nothing good can last, and we are why

Could we have found a way to coexist?
Why wonder now that it’s over, chances missed?
Are we that different from them after all? Or why did
He need to die to build this wall?

But it was time, there was just no solution
Didn’t matter how we tried
I know that nothing good can last, and we are why

They said the world was ours, and we believed
For all our hubris, what did we achieve?
Now we have a world all to ourselves, and nothing more

And they a world of rust and iron won,
If both had looked to the future, what could we have done? Instead we
Fought over grudges back to ancient times
Drunken on old mem’ries that had aged like wine

And I have learned history can be poison
It enthralls us in its spell
So maybe "nothing good can last" is just as well

We gods of old and we youthful rivals
Pray these words outlive ourselves
Our story’s done, but not alone upon the shelves