Sprite Fight Night

by Stranger Ways

Listen to it: Iron & Rust

I can hardly see; this chamber is dark, but I can
Hear their voices screaming for blood, and I know
I was not abducted to join a picnic
Shackled to a cage, and I hear them shouting

“Step into the iron octagon”
We have taken their kind but never like this
“Step into the iron octagon”
The crowd resumes its menacing hiss, I’m caught
Sprite fight night

I have been here many times before but I never
Thought I’d ever come to the fight on a mission
In this place, the faeries are made to fight and
Die for sport, and kill their kin while the crowd cheers

Step into the iron octagon
Full nelsons don't work when your rival has wings
Step into the iron octagon
Bet on the winners and make out like kings
Your ramen days are over
If you pick your faeries right
So grab your four leaf clover
And come on - sprite fight night

It was in the woods I saw the men take her and I
Followed close behind while they brought her downtown
I knew then that I was responsible and
I knew then what I had to do, before she’d

Step into the iron octagon
It's better in person than on Pay Per View
Step into the iron octagon
You know this town's boring, what else would you do?
You can't fight pugs or beagles
Cause that'd be cruel, right? (Right!)
But fighting sprites is legal
So come on - sprite fight night

Tom what are you doing here, this is madness
What have you betwixt your hands--is that water?
You should not be back here without the handlers
Who knows what these monsters will do if I don’t

Step into the iron octagon
And come watch Titania fight Oberon
Step into the iron octagon
It's half pro wrestling, and half Pokémon
The ticket booth is closing
You know you want to bite
So here's what I'm proposing
Step right up - sprite fight night

Take your seats now ladies and gents
The first fight is about to start
Tom where are you taking me?
I do not understand your plan
Just duck and I’ll take care of it
How well can you see in the dark?
Sorry folks, a system glitch
No need to panic; please stand by
I was behind you, where’d you go?
My legs are not as long as yours
I’ve cut the power--now’s our chance, let’s
Beat it while we can-- “Hey douchetruck,
If you like the faeries so much you can go live with them!”