The War That Cannot Be Won

by Stranger Ways

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Two ancient enemies arrived here today
Your people praying for salvation
I’ve seen the madness and the vengeance in their eyes
That way leads to annihilation

You’ve ignited the fuse, now you cannot but lose
You lead your own men into slaughter
When the battle is done, you will fall to the gun
The end is nigh, this war that cannot be won

Two ancient enemies have been kept apart
Their worlds completely separated
But over time the wall has been chipped away
The hedge between them desecrated

It was better before you kicked open the door
We’ve proven we can’t live together
Separation a gift now destroyed by this rift
I’ve got to end this war that cannot be won

Tom, if you really want to stop the coming bloodshed
Then we could close the rift, but at a cost
I think I know a way to separate our worlds forever
But its power must arise from human loss

Your queen could throw away a hundred thousand of my people
But for her that would be no sacrifice
The willing death of just one tiny human holds more power
Than the slaughter she would use to pay the price

Two ancient enemies that met in the wood
And found their fates woven together
Until today I only cared for myself
So we can do your queen one better

Never thought that a friend would deliver my end
My virtue the death of my conscience
We must give human life to the will of the knife
To save us from the war that cannot

Be they human or fae, I will curse those I save
Our worlds must be parted forever
So now take up the blade, blood and tears will be paid
We won’t let you fight the war that cannot be won