Tom & Echo

by Stranger Ways

Listen to it: Iron & Rust

Hail to you, you radiant thing!

And also you, who to the woods bring
a music that’s mirthful but soft as a pillow--
Your talents are wasted upon that old willow

The willow is shy and reserving its praise.
It’s probably pining for happier days!

Oh, the willow’s a sap for a past evergreen!

Take the past and the future, leave me what’s between!

Oh a present you’d like? A particular kind?

Just the gift of adventure, and life unconfined.
At home it’s so formal, so nice it’s oppressive.

I know! And the petty political games, the obsessive, aggressive pursuit of dilution of things that might threaten their tired old ways...
So away from them beckoned.

Yes... and here we are now, as if it were fated!

Then here’s to new friends, well met if belated!

We’ve heard the same call, you and I have been sent
From our homes by that half-hearted muse, discontent.

It’s strange we’ve not met, coming from the same place.

Yes I’m not sure that I’ve ever once seen your face
And I know I would recognize something so pretty.

No, it’s not even like it’s that big of a city!

Wait, you live in the city?!