by Stranger Ways

Listen to it: Iron & Rust

It started like a lot of days, the sky was as gray as my town
With a sound like a train the rain began to fall
I trudged along without a word, and ducked into the mall,
Which I blame, in part, for the drain that keeps this place tame

But freaks are here, and freaks peddle Dust
And Dust is what I want

Dealers and weirdos belong in the shadows, but these aren’t your usual fare.
Find the gaudiest neon glare and there they stare,
In rev’rent revelry; aware of something I can’t see
But will...

The deal is quick, and I score, and I soar, and finally relax
Hallelujah for the fae! Buck up, little guys, your loss has made my day

And now the rain is colorful, and even this town makes sense
And I can hear every stone down in my bones and they all scream, ‘Get thee hence!’
‘Quicken your pace! Leave this place before it sucks you dry.’
So I wandered deep into the woods at the edge of the town

If Mama knew, she’d be so afraid
But I was beyond fear

Well, then I saw the craziest thing
I wasn’t alone, somebody was singing!
Somebody else as hazed up as me
Pranced and sang to an old willow tree

Well hell, this day just keeps getting better
I’m not the only one out here unfettered
I laughed and I joined in the crazy dance
Feeling too good to not take a chance

Well, Maybe I’ll hate myself in the morning
But I’ll do that regardless, so why be boring?
I walked right up to that willow tree
What fools, what fools we mortals be