Week Exchange

by Susan Weiner

Listen to it: Strangers at the Gate
Watch it: Arisia 2011, Susan’s Going-Away Party 

Guitar chords 
Capo 4 (song is in B major; chord shapes written below)  Chorus: | G C | D | Am G | D | | C G | Am Em | C D | G | Verse: | C G | D | Am G | D | | C G | D | Am G | D |

I’d like to trade this week in
It didn’t suit my needs one bit
Only had it a week, it’s already wearing thin
And I’m pretty sure it never really fit

Monday wasn’t bad, but it was Monday
Tuesday, well, it rained the whole day long
Wednesday, I’d trade in for any one day
Where any ten fewer things went wrong


I could never get the hang of Thursdays
And Friday I can’t say that things improved
Saturday, I know that I’ve had worse days
As Sunday most assuredly proved

Chorus (repeat last line)