I’m Judging You

by Nat Budin, Alexandria Wilkie and VikAva

Listen to it: Guilt, Angst & Fairy Tales (studio), Guilt, Angst & Fairy Tales (live)


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| C       | F       | C       | G       |
| C       | F       | C       | G       |
| C   F   | C   G   |

| Am      | C   G   | Am      | D    G  |
| Am      | F   G   | C       | G       |
| C    F  | C   G   |

When you tell that stupid joke about the rabbi and the Pope Puns fall flat, what was that? Though it’s awkward, don’t you fuss, happens to the best of us I fail too; yes, it’s true But I’m judging you

When you honk and flash your brights, then you pass me on the right I’m judging you, I’m judging you In a mile I’ll see you stopped, getting chewed out by a cop Couldn’t wait, now you’re late I’m judging you

It’s a hard and lonely world out there, we all deserve a break
And no one should have to answer for their every last mistake
And true friendship can be rare, it seems politeness is so fake
But I swear, I’ll be there
Judging you

When you speak of Mother Earth, chart the star signs of your birth I’m judging you, I’m judging you Crystals that can heal your knee, classes to unblock your chi Magic tea, phone reiki I’m judging you

Bridge (chorus tune)
When you’re in the supermarket and you’re yelling at your child
You don’t think that I can hear you, cause there’s no one in the aisle
But your dignity is crumbling as I hear him running wild
Turning red, hang your head
We’re all judging you

When you tweet about your food, your ex-boyfriend or your mood I’m judging you, I’m judging you When you’re writing fic all day, Voldemort slash George Takei You’re not eight, punctuate Anyway, I’m judging you

Last chorus – repeat last line:
Yes my friend, till the end
I’ll be judging you