Safe Again

by Susan Weiner

Listen to it: Strangers at the Gate
Watch it: Susan’s Going-Away Party
Sing it: Sheet music

It’s over
It’s been over for years
Past the angry accusations
Past the painful memories and tears

And it’s safe again, hold me tight
We weren’t made for forever, we were made for tonight
And everything is gonna be all right
If we leave before the morning light

I was careless
You were clingy, you were needy
You turned into a chore
I got smothered, I got greedy


I remember falling in love with you
It was never what I meant to do
I met you at a temporary place
And I fell for your body, your hair, your face

You’re beautiful, I can’t keep my hands away
And I’d love to spend some time with you, just please don’t ask me to stay

Chorus (repeat last line 2x)